Report: Review of Trade Governance

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for Trade & Export Promotion, has concluded in their latest report on Trade Governance, that negotiations be opened to scrutiny if the public is to build trust in future trade deals. The recommendations in the Review of UK Trade Governance report include:

  • Expanding membership of the Board of Trade, Strategic Advisory Group and Trade Advisory Groups to include representatives from business, trade unions, consumers, environment, civil society, and academia.
  • Reducing the imposition of NDAs on experts, which restricts the consultation they need to make when developing their advice
  • A statutory obligation to publish all documents related to international trade, with easy digital access
  • Parliament should be involved in all stages of trade negotiation, from the statutory right to debate draft mandates ahead of bilateral talks to ratifying deals in a timely manner
  • Law changed so government is obliged to publish all economic, environmental, and social impacts of a proposed agreement, including a clear statement on its net benefit to the country


The full report can be downloaded below.