A call for evidence for our 4th Report: Aligning Trade Rules to Meet Climate and Environment Goals

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Trade & Export Promotion Chairs, Lord Waverley and Gary Sambrook MP, invite submissions of evidence for our 4th Report on Aligning Trade Rules to Meet Climate and Environment Goals.




To meet our goals on net zero emissions and the environment will require unprecedented policy coherence. Trade should act as an enabler to achieving our global goals for protecting the environment and achieving net zero. At the 2021 G7 Summit, leaders agreed "to unite behind a shared vision to ensure the multilateral trading system is reformed, […] to be free and fair for all, more sustainable, resilient and responsive to the needs of global citizens.” As host for COP26 the UK plays a critical role, and possesses an important opportunity, to demonstrate leadership.


Internationally, over 40 governments including the UK are undertaking a review of trade agreements and how they align to global environment and climate objectives.  However, this exercise will not cover 2-3,000 bilateral trade agreements negotiated at national level. This joint evidence session with the APPG on Environment will undertake to mirror global efforts to align frameworks and examine the friction points where UK bilateral trade rules conflict with, or hamper, our environmental and climate objectives.


Call for Evidence


Please find below some areas that we are keen to explore, however please note that your written contribution need not be limited to the bullet points below:


  • What can we learn from existing UK trade agreements – is there evidence of where trade has enhanced our environmental or climate capability or evidence where trade has had a damaging affect?
  • What evidence exists of friction between trade rules and UK climate, environment sustainability biodiversity goals such as import/export barriers
  • What could the solutions be to reducing friction and ensuring trade is a net contributor to green and climate objectives? What would the barriers be to this happening?
  • The Environment 100 zero tariff on green goods and services is a positive step forward. What other practical incentives could be applied to drive positive action?




Please submit all evidence to secretariat@appgtrade.uk no later than 5pm, Tuesday 7 September 2021.