APPG Trade Parliamentary Officers meeting with Supporter Network

2022 trade priorities, policy announcements, issues and challenges
APPG Trade Officers meeting with Supporter Network

APPG Trade & Export convenes its 1st meeting of the year with our Supporter Network to discuss 2022 trade priorities, key policy announcements, discuss issues and challenges for the year.

Chaired by Theo Clarke, Conservative MP for Staffordshire and moderated by Chris Southworth, Secretary General ICC, and summarised by Lord Waverley, we have Parliamentarians from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords engage direct with the UK trade community. 

Click here to watch the recording of our meeting.

Guest speakers include:

  • Shevaun Haviland, Director General at BCC on the launch of the Trade Manifesto,
  • James Sibley, Head of International Affairs at FSB on Ready to Launch and what needs to be in place to help support SMEs engage in international trade, 
  • Noreen Cesareo, Principal at Market Accents on priorities for women in business who trade, 
  • Andy Burwell, International Director at CBI, on the need for a joined up approach in government on trade, implementation of the new FTAs and establishment of the new Trade in Services Council,
  • Angus Canvin, Director of International Affairs at UK Finance on the role of financial services,
  • Marcus Doleman, Co-Chair of BExA on access to finance for SMEs to export, the need for education, 
  • Chris Gaunt, Chairman of British Chambers of Commerce in Turkey on having the resources and infrastructures for UK exporters in market, 
  • Mark Ling, Head of Trade at Santander on access to new markets, help with bureaucracy and trade skills support,  
  • Jane Wallace, Head of Public Affairs at Which? on consumers priorities for trade on maintaining health and safety standards for food and products, maintaining data security regulations that protect consumers digital rights, maintaining the environment and using trade to address regional inequalities,
  • Julie Shah, Senior Policy Advisor International Affairs at ABI on the need for trade liberalisation via soft-diplomacy, 
  • Thomas Wills, Project Manager Corporate Accountability and Trade at Business & Human Rights Resource Centre on civil society priorities for a trade strategy which supports and explains how FTAs will promote human rights, international development and union rights 
  • Peter Crowhurst, Chief Executive at British Chambers of Commerce Myanmar on the challenges of business navigating jurisdictions with human rights issues.  


APPG Trade & Export is supported by a unique, multi-stakeholder Supporter Network. This network is by 280+ trade organisations and 500+ trade professionals. Our Supporters Network includes UK associations representing business, consumers, unions, civil society, diplomats, academics and economists. Together this network represents over 1 million companies of all sizes and sectors, 10 million citizens and consumers and 20 million workers.

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