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The APPG for Trade and Investment Officers and Secretariat engage with government and wider stakeholders on a wide range of issues including global and UK trade and investment governance, digitisation and paperless trade, sustainability and climate change, development, trade finance regulation and maintaining standards and rights through international relations.

We view international trade and investment from an all-inclusive global perspective at the strategic, cross-cutting issues impacting on trade and investment and to compliment the work of other APPGs looking at bi-lateral trade agreements or specific topics like sustainability and climate change.

There is a great opportunity for the UK to be at the forefront of creating a fit for purpose future trading system working with other leading nations. There are also opportunities for the UK to expand its international ambitions and lead by example at international forums like the WTO, COP, G7 and G20.

The APPG hosts an busy and diverse programme of events; including evidence sessions, roundtables, hearings and webinars that enable parliamentarians to stay informed and contribute to the national and international debate on trade and investment related matters.

Led by our Officers and facilitated by our Secretariat in the ICC, we are proud to be developing what will become one of Westminster's most active and meaningful programme of events.

Until conditions allow and inline with House Rules, all events will be held virtually until further notice. To sign-up to our latest events or to contribute to the debate please subscribe to our mailing list.

The Officers of the APPG welcome all parliamentarians and interested persons to join us to participate in the debate over the UK's trade and investment agenda.